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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Resetting Epson C45

The Epson C45 printer ink cartridges could be refilled manually. Unfortunelly, although the ink tank already refilled but the   run out/empty ink message will still appear  and printer stop to run. Reset can be done if the premises software does not work sometimes have to use the resetter. The following tutorial will explain how to reset ink level of  Epson C45 by using application program SSC Service Utility.

Download the program here .. SSC

Step 1 : Install SSCserve.exe

Step 2 : Setting SSC Tab Configuration

Tab configuration –> Installed Printer : Epson Stylus C45 series

Printer Model : Epson Stylus C4x

Step 3 : Check Message information code for ink run out

Code Name Color: T039

Step 4 : Close SSC Service program

Step 5 : Right Click at corner on ssc service utility

Step 6 : Turn off the printer and turn on again
Some time this method not work so you must do hardware reset using epson c45 tool ressetter

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